Little Creek Acres
Australian Shepherds
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About Little Creek Acres
We're located on 40 acres in the rural area of Richards, MO.  Our home was established in the Fall of 1999, surrounded by pecan trees and a little creek that runs throughout our land.  We have a herd of Maine-Anjou cattle that graze in our pastures. Our family is involved with Forkner Farms Inc., a family-farm operation with business interests in crops and livestock (swine and cattle) farming.  

Our adventure in raising and selling puppies began in 2008.  We started out raising Collies then later my daughter raised Pembroke Welsh Corgis (she still does to this day at a different location). Our dogs have always been a part of our family. 

In 2016, I purchased my first Aussie female from a highly respectable breeder with top quality genetics.  I fell in love with her so much that I purchased another one a couple weeks later. So, my adventure in raising Aussies has begun...